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Photos and Past Events

1/30/16 –  Unity Intro Event, A Season for Nonviolence

Speakers were Chaudhry Sadiq (Islamic mosque), Dr. Will Moreau Goins (Chief, Cherokee Indian Tribe of SC),
Rev. Jeff Lewis (Counselor at Ft. Jackson), and Rev. Peggy. Dances of Universal Peace by Margaret Frongillo.

2/20/15 – Treasures and Talents Gala

Fun was had by all at Unity of Columbia’s first gala event.  Trustus Theater and Nickelodeon stars provided entertainment and our silent auction was a huge success!

Columbia Unity Music Groups

2/9/14 – Many Paths, One God Painting Presented to Ginny Reed

Spiritual Leader LaVoice Kallestad presented Board President, Ginny Reed, with the Many Paths, One God painting on behalf of Unity of Columbia. The painting is now on display at Unity of Columbia. Click here to learn more about the meaning of the symbols in the painting.