Peace in Change

We have begun the 20th Season for Nonviolence which will give us a daily opportunity to practice the art and skill of being peace for the next 60 days within the Season.  The Season is a grassroots international organization.  It was begun in honor of the deaths of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. who both were public leaders in peaceful means to accomplish radical change to further their work.  I find that in the current climate of what is going on in our world that attention to personal peace is a very apropos topic.  Peace begins within each of us.  We can’t be peace in the outer until we feel peace within.

Our brother and way-shower Jesus is reported as saying “Peace I leave with you, peace I give to you, not as the world gives.”  Here is the call to being in peace.  It is a spiritual call.  Peace is that inner knowing that all is right in the world.  I am safe, protected and loved, as are you.  We each are a perfect creation of God just as we are.  We do not need to strive for anything.  We already have all we need.  We already have everything we desire.  We only must acknowledge, accept and live from this Truth.  It is so powerful, so simple and yet it appears so scary that we have to call on faith and courage to live this Truth. 

Yet, aren’t we living this truth every day?  We awake and live.  We eat, we expect our bodies to process the nourishment they need and discard the rest, we work.  We sleep and expect that we will wake again. 

So why do we get stuck in fearful thinking?  We are complex individuals created with hindsight and foresight.  These aspects of our minds allow us to create better and greater lives.  Yet, we use them instead to create fear.  Innocence is the key to a joy-filled life.  Innocence tells us that whatever we fear from past experience was not done to harm but as a mistake in ascertaining true knowing.  The mistakes occur when we are not connected to our inner wisdom.

Today I invite you to listen and observe even deeper so you will maintain an innocence and happiness in work and play.  Fear will lose its hold on your thoughts and you will be able to flow creatively in the direction of manifesting your desires.  Your answers are dictated before the questions arise.  Relax and the answers become evident.  God is always changeless no matter what change you face.  Peace is in that knowing.

Love & God Bless;
Rev. Peggy