Christmas Love

If you notice the progression in the Advent season you will recognize that the journey begins with hope and faith, moves into acceptance with peace and develops as the Christ within through love.  So this week we celebrate the gift of love in our lives.  Too often we tend to formulate in our minds what we think the parameters of love are.  Unconditional love has no parameters.  It is instead a way of being, of knowing, and expressing.  I often use the term wanting the highest and best for that which I consider in love.  I cannot discern for another what their ultimate highest and best is.  All I can understand is what another tells me they desire.  I cannot discern even for myself what my highest and best is!  How can I ever believe I can determine it for another?


When I hold someone in prayer I am expressing the power of love by opening my field of possibility to join theirs for a divine outcome to manifest.  I am not responsible for creating the desired.  I am only responsible for letting love flow through me by seeing the individual as whole and complete just as they are.  Only God knows the perfect outcome to every prayer.  And only God knows when we are ready for the next step in our evolutionary journey of the soul in consciousness.


Let God love through you.  Then you will know love as you have never known love before.  You will know the truth of who you are.  You are love even in those moments when you don’t feel loving toward yourself or others.   Your higher Self will always remind you that you are a gift of love when you remember it.  May this week bring you profound loving moments in your times of communing with your Christ presence.


Love and God Bless,

Rev. Peggy