2/8/17 - The Successful Life

In his book, Finding Yourself in Transition, Rev. Robert Brumet refers to the western culture’s pattern of living as a “mechanistic paradigm”.  He further goes on to define that as living with a focus on the clock and the calendar.  It is defining success as what we achieve in career goals, social trappings and economic values.  In other words, we allow our society to define for us what our success is instead of measuring our success at life by the quality of our spiritual values.

I remember not too long ago when the catch phrase for successful living was attaining “excellence”.  Sometimes we referred to that excellence as the quality of what we made or what we did.  However, it is far more important for our spirit to refer to that excellence as who we are and how we show up in integrity with what we really value.

I drew the angel card for “Honesty” yesterday.  We often think of the concept of honesty in relation to our dealings with others, but it is far more than that.  The one we need to be honest with first is our self.  Most of us will spend a whole lifetime getting honest with our self, starting with what we really believe, how we really feel, and then what we really want.  Until we have achieved that level of honesty we cannot be honest with others.  We cannot even be honest with our own perception of God.

When we move the focus off of the outer mechanistic paradigm and place it on a trust in God instead, we have opened ourselves up to hear how honest we really are.  Now, God in us can work through us in developing the honest truth we need to know for success in life.

May you will be willing this week to let go of a bit of scheduling according to clock and calendar and spend some Sabbath time getting honest with yourself in God.  Then you will know there is so much more to success than what you have supposed.


Love and God Bless,
Rev. Peggy