2/15/17 - Divine Timing

Have you ever noticed that much of the success in life is about perfect timing?  When we try to force an idea or an issue whose time has not come, we find the results are less than desired if any positive results occur at all.  And if we procrastinate instead of moving when guided, we may miss the best part of the parade.  That is because Divine timing is much different than clock or calendar timing.

Divine timing is based on proper preparation and readiness to do that which ought to be done by us, individually.  If we haven’t done our homework we are not ready for the right and perfect results.  We may not be ready, not only emotionally as well as physically, but especially not spiritually.  Being ready spiritually means being able to do the work of life in a way that we do not feel confined by our fears but can step out in faith and unconditional love in service to ourselves and others.  We have learned that we serve ourselves best when we are in service to others.  It is the outworking of the principle that we are all “one”.

If we hesitate too long to accept our inner guidance, then we have set ourselves up to lose out on many of the personal rewards of connection during peak times of living.  You cannot share the highlights with loved ones when you have not made the effort to be with them when the highlights are occurring.

When I have questions regarding Divine Timing and human experience, I often refer to the wisdom literature of Ecclesiastes.  In Chapter 3 we read, “There is a time for. . .”   We also read that life is a circle and there is nothing new under the sun.  God gives us things to occupy us while we figure out that all is right and perfect in every moment in Divine time.

This week, you do not need to sweat about what time it is.  It is always Divine time.  Be present in the moment and you will realize all is, and all always is, well.

Love and God Bless,
Rev. Peggy