12/7/16 - Christmas Peace

This second week of advent we turn our thoughts to Christmas peace.  It is easy to lose the outer sense of peace when we add additional tasks to our already full calendars and workloads.  Jesus promised us peace and is known as the Prince of Peace.  This is a friendly reminder to me to turn to my Christ consciousness when I feel my inner peace slipping away to the outer distractions.

After all, this season is about being in joy and gratitude as well as being open to allowing our spiritual birthing of something much more profound about life to come into our personal world.  So, why do we allow ourselves to get caught up in “not enough time” or “not finding the right gift” or even “how can I enjoy all these parties and celebrations?”   Life is about making choices.  For me, the choice is what to release to make room for what I need to add.  It is also about staying in balance so I don’t lose my Self in the hurry and scurry that I am creating by wanting to be all and do all in the festivity making.

Peace returns when I forgive myself and others.  It comes when I release and let go of perfectionism.  It comes when I accept what is.  It comes when I return to listening to my Higher God Self and allow myself to be flexible.

My practical remedies for claiming Christmas peace is to pray often; to stop, drop and have a cup of tea or other good cheer, and to remember and give thanks for the reason in the season.

Love and God Bless,

Rev. Peggy