1/18/17 - False Starts

I have started this musing three different times with three different topics and that is after praying for a topic for this musing.  The message in this exercise may be that my thoughts are scattered and I need to gain a sense of focus.  Perhaps, I need to expend even more energy in letting go and opening up to Spirit in prayer.  What is a false start anyway?  A start is a start. How many times have I started something and not pursued it with enough energy to follow where it is leading?  And, I find myself doing that because the path begins to become too winding and I can’t see where it leads or perhaps, it is because the effort is too strenuous and I fail to look for help.  Maybe it is because I really don’t believe in the viability or worthiness of the goal.  Maybe I already see the impermanence and cannot let go of tying my ego to a finished accomplishment.

There is a question often asked that goes like this: “If you knew the world would end tomorrow would you plant the tree anyway?”   It all depends on me.  Every thought I have and every action I take depends on me.  Powerful revelation!  That puts a new perspective on what is my responsibility.   It also brings me into a new understanding of what I choose on my own, in my personal thinking, and what I choose to receive help with by connecting to my Christ consciousness.  I am guided more and more to listen with an open heart and mind to the Christ within.  It keeps me out of trouble and assures me of right and perfect outcomes.  It reminds me that of myself I am nothing.  I do not have the wherewithal to create on my own.  It is a given from the Source of all.  Of myself I can never know that the world will end tomorrow or whether it may transform into another world.  I will plant the tree.  It is the seed to Truth being given a chance to grow.  And for today, that is enough.

May you also choose to plant the tree.

Love and God Bless,
Rev. Peggy