11/29/16 - Entering the Christmas Season


Today would have been my late husband Tek’s 76th birthday.  He is celebrating somewhere!  As I prepare to marry his daughter Cheryl to the love of her life, I can’t help but miss the love of mine.  We had some amazing times together.  And despite ourselves we managed to help raise an amazing daughter.  The holidays often bring on a time of holy remembrance of those who are no longer with us on earth.  It can be a time of grieving and it can be a time of sweet memories and sweet release to something grander.  Although I miss Tek, I am focusing on how much he would have loved this new son-in-law.  Tek’s spirit will always be a part of the family through how his ways show up in ours.


We have entered the season of Advent, the time of preparation to receive and renew the ultimate gift of the Christ Spirit alive within each of us.   I think it is interesting that we have created a legend of Santa Clause, a god-like individual whose interest is to give us what we ask for.  I tend to think of Santa as God’s elf at work to bring the joy and happiness to our hearts when we fail to see the miracles already before us.  Santa reminds us of what Jesus taught, that we must become as little children to enter the Kingdom of God.


You may know that I am a Hallmark channel buff.  I never get tired of the same basic plot that ends in a resolution of happiness and goodness.  Life really is that way when we accept it and expect it.  It is also full of delightful surprises along the way.


As you prepare for the coming of Christmas, remember to spend some time this week in contemplation and gratitude for the power of hope, the gift of faith.  Life will indeed give you a hallmark moment when you connect with the divinity within you.



Love & God Bless,

Rev. Peggy