1/10/17 - Inner Voices

My office has all sorts of little goodies hanging out in it.  They are reminders for me to stay focused and centered in the Presence.  They remind me that God is my Source and the Only True Source for the church as well.    I have a little sticky note that has been on my desk for quite a while.  I believe I jotted it down from listening to one of Mary Morrisey’s short videos.  The gist is that we have four inner voices that we listen to: reason, experience, knowledge and intuition.

Listening to reason for me is determining what makes sense in the scheme of what the situation is.  For instance, it is reasonable to follow a standard protocol in a normal situation; however in extenuating circumstances reason may dictate a deviation from the protocol.  Would you stop on a yellow light if you see someone speeding up behind you without enough room to stop without hitting you?  You assume that it is more prudent to take your chances regarding a known to an unknown. Listening to experience will often cause you to go with the flow or avoid it because of prior similarities. You assume that similar results will follow past experience.  Listening to knowledge or facts assumes the facts are sufficient to bring about the expected results.  All three of these use assumptions at some point in making your decision.

Reason, experience and knowledge are all good voices to attend to.  They are all based on thinking derived in the mental plane and applied in the physical plane that has a decent rate of producing a positive outcome.  Intuition, however, is a spiritual process, a direct communication from the higher wisdom of the Divine, Holy Spirit, Christ consciousness or whatever you may wish to call it.  Intuition is the guidance that comes from Source.  It often will be contradictory to what you might have experienced in the past, factual understanding, or applied reason.  It may tell you to go right when everything else tells you to go left.  Which do you listen to?  What carries the weight for you?  Do you follow the common thought or do you choose your inner inspiration against all odds?  If you are looking for an uncommon result, intuition will give you your highest and best, the reward will be so much more of life expressed!

May you choose to use intuition, God, in your life’s decision making.

Love and God Bless,

Rev. Peggy